So, What exactly are you guys doing?

3 years ago (in 2012), we spent a lovely 3 days in Iceland, and 9 days in Copenhagen. The whole family did great while traveling, and we vowed to do a longer trip to Europe.

Fast forward one year, and Katherine asked me “what do you think about spending a year in Europe?”  Over the next year, she convinced me that this could work, and we worked together to plan it all out.

There were a few things to figure out: schooling, our housing and pets,  and my work.

Katherine homeschools our children.  Moving math curriculum to online is the first step.  History (geez – we’re going to wonder around Europe for a year – History is covered).  Science – we’ll do book science mostly this year.  English – we can practice spelling and english we can do online, and scan the few texts we like to carry digital copies to work on.

Reading.  We joke that we have a branch of our library here at home.  Our kids READ.  The kids will have Kindles, and they will be able to borrow books digitally to read. Problem solved.

Our house.  When we renewed our lease for 3 years in 2014, we asked our landlord for permission to sublet.  She was ok with that.  earlier this year, we put out on our social media that were looking for someone to move into our home.  Old friends from Colorado took us up on the offer.  They are moving in 2 days before we leave.  They will be taking care of our goats and chickens.  Our dogs will be hosted at a farm with 7 fenced acres, and our cats are staying with a great family in Seattle.

My work.  I work for AT&T as a member of the developer program,  My job is to help developers build apps that don’t kill your phone’s battery.  We’ve got tools that I train devs to use, and I speak at a lot of conferences.  I detailed my plan (this might be a post on its own at some point).  My boss was immediately supportive,and so was his boss. I will be presenting our tools and data at conferences across Europe, while continuing to work afternoons and evenings EU tome (basically CST in the USA).

With our affairs in the US in order, we are getting ready – packing up all our belongings and putting personal stuff in storage (our friends are renting our house furnished).  This is a great time to begin cleaning out, organizing and getting ready to travel.

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