Saying Goodbye

Today marks 14 days until we board our plane to Europe.  Last week, the kids finished up their last week of camp, and as a result a lot of “if we don’t see you again, have a great trip” goodbyes and hugs were had. Saying goodbye is hard – even if we know we will see most of these friends in a year when we return.

Today, we are saying our hardest goodbye.  While we have found a great home for our dogs while we are away, Bodhi won’t get a chance to live there.  His cancer has spread to his lungs.

We adopted Bodhi from WAIF (the local animal shelter) over 2 years ago.. They said he was a Labradoodle. We were skeptical, and the mounds of hair that began to accumulate confirmed our doubts.


Being a puppy, Bo had boundless energy.  Even when uncaffeinated:


Bodhi *LOVED* everything.  Birds, bugs, bunnies, boys, beaches. You name it – he loved it.  His heart was so incredibly big. his hair got everywhere.  He was the world’s largest lap dog.  He’d always figure out how to fit.

His best buddy was our Golden, Max. They would wrestle for HOURS outside together, and then jump (muddy of course) on the sofa or our bed to snuggle.


Last summer, he began to go a bit lame on his front paw.  After countless x-rays and vet visits – it was diagnosed as bone cancer.  His front right leg was amputated (you think that slowed him down? HA!) We went through 5 rounds of chemo (piece of cake! – let’s play chase the stick!) and was back on his feet. In the last few weeks, he’s started coughing, and no longer chases the car through the yard when we leave.  His energy is noticeably down.  The cancer has progressed into his lungs..

This week has all been about Bodhi.  Beef necks from the store.  Hanging with the kids at soccer camp:


Yesterday, we spend a magical hour at the lake. Bodhi had trouble breathing, but was running, darting, swimming – chasing swallows and dragonflies.  He was “our Bodhi” again.

boatgosslakebo at the beach

But now, he is starting to really hurt, and his time here with us is at an end.  I held his head in my lap as the vet put him to sleep.  So instead of saying “goodbye, and we’ll miss you, but we’ll see you when we get home,”  tonight we are saying,  “Goodbye my sweet friend. Soon you will be without pain. We love you more than anything, and we will miss you tremendously. But your boundless spirit will be with us always.”

R.I.P Bodhi – We love you to the moon and back.

One thought on “Saying Goodbye

  1. So nice to meet Katherine today….I will be the back up for the folks caring for your cats and Max. Of course we talked about Bodhi too. I am so sorry and know this sorrow of loss all too well having rescued horses, donkeys and dogs (mainly Great Danes) for many years. I’ve said goodbye to horses, dogs and cats with my arms and lap cradling them. It’s what we silently agree to do when we take them in as family. We want them to transition feeling so loved. It sounds like Bodhi had that kind of life.


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