Traveling with Tech

We are down to just days before the trip.  The house is emptying out into storage, and clothes are going into suitcases.  For the next year, we are carrying all of our belongings in a suitcase and backpack.

Part of this adventure is that I am still working full time – helping developers build high performance mobile apps (hey – I hear there is a book by that title coming out real soon). With that, I need to have some technology in my sack to do my job.  I will be bringing two laptops (in sewn laptop sleeves from old t-shirts):

Macbook Pro and HP running Windows 7 (Thats the corporate image).


But i also spend time testing apps on devices.  So you know I am bringing some phones/tablets:


From left to right:

Moto G (lollipop)

Samsung S6 Edge (lollipop)

Samsung S4 (KitKat – rooted)

Nexus 7 – Lollipop

Nexus 6 – M preview 3

Note 2 (JellyBean) and Note 5 (Lollipop)

LG Watch

iPad Mini (iOS 9 beta preview)

They are stored in a fold-up carrier I made (with my daughter’s sewing machine). They fold up into a neat little package that looks like a folded pair of jeans.  The keychain on the belt loop has the sim card extractor tool on it:


A bag with all the cables/chargers/adapters completes the picture.  All of these will be on my back during travel days.  Perhaps I should begin looking up chiropractors in each city we visit?

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