Remember when you were a kid, and your birthday party/Christmas/Disney vacation would never, ever, ever come? The thing you anticipated and wanted so badly – but always seemed out of reach?

That is how this trip has felt like to me.  There has been so much to do in preparation, and I felt like it would never ever really happen.

So, today, as I write this from our apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland – I am struck with the fact that – not only has that much anticipated event started, but I am living it right now!

We arrived in Iceland at 6:45 AM local time (11:45 PDT), and with little to no sleep – we laid really low.  We did walk to a market and got a few groceries, but otherwise, we’ve been pretty sacked out.  Tomorrow, the exploration really begins!


This is the view looking west from our balcony.

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