Through the Jetlag

Last night marked the first night that everyone slept through the night!  After pulling an all nighter on the plane (we landed at 7 AM Iceland time – Midnight our time), our 5 year old took a nap, but braved through our first day here.  We went to bed early, and then at 2 AM, she came downstairs totally dressed and ready to go explore the town!

One of the greatest finds on our last trip to Iceland were the public pools.  Heated geothermally, the swimming pools are warm and beautifully maintained.  We have made it to a pool every day on our trip (and at $4.50 per adult, and $.75 per kid – its a great bargain).

Our AirBnB is right between two pools:

Sundhöll an indoor pool from the 30s with 2 outside hot tubs – that is getting a big outdoor pool – construction is underway


Laugardalslaug – a great big outdoor complex with a large kids pool, and olympic sized outdoor lap pool, and several indoor pools.  Oh – and a three story tube waterslide.  Yes, even Mom and Dad have had some quality time with the waterslide.


WHEEEEEE!  Also, I am spoiled now – warm pools are the way to go.

Lots of walking, exploring, window shopping.   Today there were teams of college kids asking thr tourists to do strange things as a scavanger hunt.  I did push ups in the middle of the street:


And we had the most wonderful raw vegan and gluten free enchiladas at Glo:


It was highly recommended by the barista down the street, and now we know why.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Reykjavik, and we transfer to Keflavik for one night (stop at the Blue Lagoon) and perhaps chack out the public pool in Keflavik.

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