Berlin – Day 1: Rest(ish) day

What a glorious day to wake up to in Berlin!  Sun shining into our apartment, and it warmed up fast (which is great for the laundry on the drying rack!)  Our apartment is bright and sunny, with a nice porch.  After a week of gray skies in Copenhagen and Hamburg, the sun was a welcome sight.  I even wore shorts today!

Since the last 2 days were Minatur Wunderland in Hamburg, and then a travel day – we needed a down day.  We are just north of Prenzenlauer Platz in the former East Berlin. This area is now a hip shopping area with fancy boutiques, wide streets, tall trees and outdoor cafes.  This area has a farmer’s market on Saturday adjacent to a large playground.  Sounded like a perfect jaunt to get out of the house.

We walked around the corner to the tram, and hopped on for a few stops.  We started walking down the street – checking out bookstores, yarn shops and kids boutiques.  One blogger said it reminded her of New York City.  It reminded me of old Ballard in Seattle.  The farmers market was a lot of fun – with neat crafts and art and those veggies.  Organic apples for under €4 a kilo. (we got 4 kilos of apples!)  Giant heads of broccoli.  YUM.

After walking through the market, we sat in the grass in the park while the kids played.  Then we all hopped back on the tram for an early dinner.

IMG_20150919_140940791 IMG_20150919_140825180IMG_20150919_140915685_HDR

IMG_20150919_135716611 IMG_20150919_135550547 IMG_20150919_130834845_HDR

In the park it was threatening rain – we got a few drops…. but nothing too bad.


This is the Ampelmannchen. He is a bit of a local East German hero.

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