The Wall

On our last full day in Berlin, We went to the Wall Memorial. This again led to some very difficult discussions, but it was really cool to see the wall as it had been in 1989 when it came down. It was less scary than it HAD been, but still pretty terrifying.

The memorial is really good. You can walk through where the wall was, see the different fortifications.  You can see how the moved 1,000 graves from a cemetery, blew up churches, etc to create this barrier. IMG_20150922_115748760_HDR IMG_20150922_115103861

We lightened it up by hitting the Mall of Berlin before stopping by Checkpoint Charlie:


Where you can get your photo taken next to 2 German guys wearling period US uniforms.  For a small fee.

AFter more Berlin walking, and exploring, we hopped back on our tram to home

IMG_20150922_170346239 IMG_20150922_164520015

I had a quick nap, and then presented to 70 developers at Google Berlin for the Google Developer Group Meetup.  Another great day in Berlin, and we are sad to leave.

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