Dresden Part II (what the kids loved)

Traveling with a large family, into cities you have never visited before poses a big challenge.  When we hit Hamburg – we were TOTALLY disoriented when we arrived in the train terminal.  It took a good 45 minutes to gather our bearings and find our way out.  This seems to be holding in every city (although Prague was due to the LONG ATM lines. – perhaps we are getting better…)

Dresden helped us out here.  They had a model train set – that for 1 euro – you could drive the 4 trains for 20 total loops through the track.  What fun!



The view of the Elbe River form the large public viewing terrace (at dusk).  We were heading out on the first day. As we went down the stairs, Miss A began “skipping” down the stairs:


Much to the surprise of the onlookers.  One thing we have noticed is that during the week, the age of the tourists are all older, and there are virtually no other children about.  Im sure this is because they are all in school (i need to write a post about homeschooling on the road).

Both of our evenings in Dresden culminated at the Harvest Fest.  I think this is a tamed down Ocktoberfest.. But, they had gluten free sausages and french fries, so it was a safe place to eat.


ok, I know, the beer is not Gluten free.. But when in Germany…..

Also, look at the centerpiece – you may see the birds all over the wheat on the pole and the bundles of wheat.  They were gorging on the seeds 🙂


There were lots of great crafts on display – the kids LOVED the blown glass figurines.  There was also a ferris wheel that we took the second night.


There was a great chocolate store in Dresden, and we found this Austrian chocolate made from goat milk.  Seeing as we have goats at home, we had to try it – and well, it is the best milk chocolate I have ever had.  (We miss you Charlotte, Josephine, Nora and Alden!)

On our last day in Dresden, we stopped at the park near our house for some much needed play time.  There was a traditional teeter-totter, but also a bouncy trampoline/teeter-totter that was really neat to see.:IMG_20150926_113023811_HDR   IMG_20150926_113810804_HDR

I love this shot of my family walking under the royal residence in Dresden.  Good bye Dresden, I really hope to be back soon.   OR as my kids asked “is there a university here that we could goto?”


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