Milestone: One month on the road.

On August 30, just about this time of day, we were arriving at SeaTac Airport to being our Year abroad.

4 countries, 8 AirBnbs into the trip.  Still having fun.  Still adjusting. Everyone is growing and changing in diverse ways.

Locations are starting to meld into one another.  Did we get the cutting board in Berlin or in Hamburg?  Was that meal in Copenhagen, or in Iceland?  Each day has been so unique, each apartment, so different, each city so diverse.  Each grocery store an adventure.

Where is the spatula in this apartment?

Does the next place have a washing machine?

Where is the nearest grocery store?  Will they have food we can eat?  Did you install Google Translate in German on my phone yet?

the trip is a blur of little adventures that culminate into the bigger picture of a European tour.

Tomorrow AM, we pack up for our 5th country – Austria, and a week in Vienna!

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