Prague zoo

We arrived in Prague on Saturday.  On Sunday morning, we got up, hopped on the subway and went into the old town to walk around.

Prague is built around the Vlatva River.  The Vlatva is well known in Classical music as the Moldau (I think this is the German name for the river).  This is one of my favorite pieces of music.  I played it in high school, and the viola part was very tricky (for much of the piece we are the rolling waves of the river – and learning the licks was a big challenge for me at the time.)  The music has been my earworm for our trip in prague (and for an earworm – you cannot do much better).

The most famous bridge here is the Charles Bridge – built in the 1300s.  It is an old stone bridge that has survived every major flood on the river for >700 years.  The locals attest this to egg yolks being added to the mortar.  It is now a major (pedestrian only) tourist attraction, and there were hundreds of people walking across the bridge – meaning it is hard to get a good shot (while on the bridge).  There are statues lining the sides, and many small stands selling art, chariactures, and trinkets.  I really enjoyed the small streets, and the small shops – but the crowds on Sunday were pretty big.  Monday is a national holiday, so I think that it was a weekend+ crowd.

We tried Trdlenik – a baked (over fire) cinnamon pastry with chocolate sauce smeared inside.  It was delicious.


On Monday – the national holiday, we had a surprise for the kids.  The Prague zoo is ranked as one of the best in the world. Through this holiday, there is a weekend boat trip to (and from) the zoo.  The boat left at 9 am, and we had a bit of a late start,. We raced out of the house, caught our tram to the quay, and hopped on.


The boat trip was 75 minutes – through 2 sets of locks (a highlight for the kids).  We went down river, past some industrial areas to the outskirts of Prague.  There was a neat winery that we walked past to the zoo.  This place was huge.  We had 6 hours of walking, and we saw a lot – but not everything.

Dogs. The Czechs love their doggies, and dogs are allowed at the zoo! it was fun to see all the puppies and people intermixed with the animals.  It was a very busy day, and there were dogs everywhere.  Just about every turn was a play area – from just simple teeter-totters with penguins to a GIANT “Borneo” playground. 3-4 stories high with nets and slides – and I didn’t get a picture. 😦
African savanna in Czechia

The zoo is on the side of a 40m bluff, and the fast way to get from the lower section to the higher section is a chairlift – also a highlight for the kids.


After 6 hours in the zoo, we slowly walked back to the boat and made our way back to downtown Prague, and took the tram home.
Charles bridge at sunset


After 2 HUGE days, yesterday was a down day – just a trip into the “new town” for groceries.  Today is our last full day in Prague, and we have another big day planned.

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