2 Days in Salzburg

Our favorite cities so far have been the smaller ones.  Those that you can walk and really get to know in a day or so. Salzburg proves to be no different.

We started the day with a quick walk to get groceries.  There appears to be a parking shortage in town. To make up for it – they blasted parking lots into the mountains:


On the first day, we waked much of the city. From our roost on Kapuzinerberg, we made our way into town.IMG_20151009_120016478_HDR

This is the back of our apartment.  Fall is in the air!

We walked across the pedestrian bridge:


The photo activity on this bridge was nuts. I was nearly stabbed by a selfie stick.  #1 – its a photo.  #2- you have like a $500 phone connected to that thing, and you are on a bridge.

(Selfie sticks on their own are not bad.. But the folks who use them incessantly (“here I am with this statue  over my left shoulder. now over my right.  Now left profile.. now right”) are just goofy.


The sun was out, and the photos were grand.

We walked the main shopping street, and saw a sign for an elevator to the modern art museum.


Old fashioned doorbells.  The wires go up the side to the corresponding floor – and go through the wall – presumably – to a bell.

Now we are not modern art fans, but an elevator up the side of the mountain sounded cool.  And it was – the vies of the city and castle were great:


looking across the river at Kapuzinerberg Hill.  Our AirBNB is at the foot.

After the elevator, we made our way through town, had a snack and visited the Cathedral. I’m not a very religious guy, but the work to build these cathedrals just takes my breath away. So much intricate art in so many places – you could study this building for years, and still discover new things.


I appear to only aim my camera upward when visiting the inside of churches.


With all the cities we have visited, flags can be helpful.. Austria.  but NOT Vienna.


After the cathedral, we made our way to the funicular to head up to the castle.  This castle was never attacked.  It is quite the fortress, so perhaps the height and defenses were actually enough to deter invading armies..  Now you can ride up in comfort.


Once you arrive up the funicular, you are on a bastion looking down (at a lower wall, and then at the town).IMG_20151009_145254627_HDR

Above you, is another wall.  And there is another keep inside here.  Attacking this place would have been madness.


The kids are on their way in!  We took an audio tour of several areas of the castle, climbed to the top of the tallest tower, played “ring toss onto the unicorn” in the main keep, and had a good time.



Back down the funicular, and home to another dinner on our Terrace:


Today, I took the kids to the Mozart birthplace museum (there are at least 2 Mozart museums here). It was really cool. but – of course- no photos. actually – my favorite part was not musical.  On the ceiling of one room, a 3-D map of Salzburg has been rendered in plaster – and it was really cool. Also the paino where he composed the Magic Flute and the Requiem mass.  And the room he was born in.  Pretty neat.

Despite it being chilly, we went for ice cream at Icezeit – amazing flavours, and marked which are gluten free!


There is a photo op at every corner here.

ON our way to the museum, we spotted an italian restaurant (Spaghetti and Co) that offered gluten free pizza and pastas.  Everyone else ordered the pizzas (and raved)  I have to agree – I got a slice of 6 A’s, and it was good.

The GF pasta is hand made to order, so I had to wait longer.  But the wait WAS WORTH IT.  I have not had this good a pasta dish.. well.. ever.  It was a simple pasta with a red sauce, but it was incredible.

After these 2 days, we are sad to leave Salzburg, but tomorrow we pack up and head to Munich – back in Germany!


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