Busy, falling behind on Blog Posts. Schoenbrunn Palace 1

Our next day in Vienna was to be a big one – to visit Schoenbrunn castle – see the rooms, visit the children’s museum, walk the labyrinth and then visit the Vienna Zoo (on the grounds of the castle).  We didn’t get all of that in.

AFter a quick subway ride, we arrived at Schoenbrunn castle.  The color of the castle is know in Austria as Schoenbrunn yellow.  It actually looks pretty cool.  K and I were excited about the audio tour through the castle rooms.  The kids loved it!  The history was fascinating.. I’m making all sorts of connections – Marie Antoinette was a Hapsburg (one of Empress Marie-Theresa’s 16 children.  Mozart played for the empress at age 5.  Neat stuff. There are no photos inside the castle, becuase, rules.


The parade grounds of the castle.  Not super impressive.. wait until you see the gardens on the OTHER side.


Ok, I won’t make you wait.  Here is a 180 degree panorama from the balcony on the 2nd floor.


The view has a kickass fountain at the end and “Tor” at the top of the hill.  I can’t imagine what this place must look like on a busy summer day.

After the tour inside, we decided to forego the children’s museum and work out some energy in the labyrinth. It was at the far end of the gardens – near the fountain:


Far end of the gardens – looking back at the palace.  When the labyrinth was first build – it was huge. Today there are 3 different mazes and a really nice playground.  After 2 of the mazes (one had motion detectors shooting water, and cool musical instruments in the ground we hit the playground.  No one was in the mood for the Children’s museum, and there was no way to do the zoo.So, we played at the playground until it closed, and we modified our plans for the next day to come back to Schroenbrunn.



However, this meant that we had to squeeze more stuff in, or drop an activity.  Never one to drop an activity, we decided to hit the famous Prater Ferris Wheel in the evening before heading home


IMG_20151006_183048507  IMG_20151006_182422657_HDR

One of the oldest ferris wheels around, we got into a wagen with another family and wend around once – with pretty views of the Vienna skyline.

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