Salzburg: a beautiful first night

We arrived in Salzburg.  Our host suggested a 15 minute walk to to take a Taxi to the apartment.  We were all exhausted from Vienna, so the idea of walking (with our stuff) for 15 minutes – probably really 25 with our stuff – we grabbed a taxi. The cabbie was distraught – “I cannot go to this street! I cannot!”

We asked if he could get us close, and he complied.


ok, I see why he didn’t want to go up this road.


Our house was built in the 14th century (and was remodeled VERY nicely in the last 10 years).  After a nice dinner on the terrace (pumpkin soup made from the store down the road), the kids wen to bed. I started my day of work.  At around midnight, I decided to climb a bit higher up our road:  The castles were all illuminated.  Then the clocks struck midnight – there was a drunken serenade of “Happy Birthday” from the streets below, and the lights went out on the castle.

IMG_20151008_235803280 IMG_20151008_235533651

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