Schoenbrunn Castle: Day 2 (plus a visit to House der Musik)

Before we made it to Schoenbrunn Palace for the rest of our adventure, we went to the House der Musik in downtown Vienna. It was a neat – hands on music museum.. Katherine and I were hoping for more, but the kids really enjoyed it – which is the point, I guess. There were neat exhibits on Viennese composers, but it was all in German, so I din’t get a whole lot out of it.

The kids favorite part was a dice game. 2 players, roll 2 dice 5 times, each roll assigns a measure of music, and after 10 total rolls, a unique waltz was written.

Back to Schoenbrunn.  The Children’s museum was REALLY cool. It went through another 15-20 rooms of the palace, and showed what life was like in the palace, for both royalty, and (to a lesser extent) as a peasant. I enjoyed further figuring out the Hapsburg history, and the rooms had a mixture of archeology and historically redone rooms.  It was a cool museum, and the kids enjoyed it.


Hedge trimming equipment.  It had moved from the day before.

It was a wet day, and the the number of tourists were WAY lower than the day before.  If you visit a country – do you let the rain cause you to miss a sight?  Not for our family! 🙂


After the children’s museum, we had a quick “pickup” of hot cocoa for the kids,a nd we hit the Zoo. One of the oldest zoos in Europe, it was supposed to be really knock your socks off.  There were some neat exhibits, but it was not as god as Prague’s – perhaps just because it was a bit smaller. we saw most of the exhibits in 2-3 hours.

We had the place nearly to ourselves.  Franky, I REALLY like going to the zoo on rainy days.


Flußpferd (Fluss = river, pferd = horse = see I am learning German!)


Pandas were fighting and playing – which was cool to see.


The cheetah exhibit is huge.. It was neat – the old cages (small and cramped) are now where the visitors watch the cheetahs as they play in the giant field where the people used to picnic.  The animals (who need the space) now have it.


One of the last buildings we went into had sloths. They were not in a cage, but up in nets and trees just in the very baroque center room of the house.  It was very interesting to just be in the same room as the animals with no barriers.  Trust of the animals to avoid the people, and trusting the people to not be idiots.

Afther another full day, we walked out of Schoenbrunn gardens a different way, and came across the “Palm House”  I imagine we could have spent a few hours in this giant complex as well 🙂


We had a great time in Vienna, but it is now time to head to Salzburg for 3 nights!

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