Salzburg to Munich: Border trouble

So, we packed up our apartment, hopped in a cab, and made our was to be he Salzburg Hauptbahnhauf (central station)

Walk in, and don’t see our train on the list. Go stand in line.

“The border is closed. Your train is cancelled.”


I’m signed up for alerts. Wouldn’t this qualify as alertable?

It turns out that *through trains* are stopped, but you can get a train to the border, and then another train to Munich…Basically an hour delay.

So we get some coffee, eat some food (LOVE that there are grocery stores in all train stations!), and hop the train to Freilassing (under 10 minutes)

Now, Freilassing is not a big station, so this means stairs. So, we schlepped all our bags down the steps, over 3 tracks, and back up to the Munich train.

There were a lot of refugees on the train too. They had a separate line for processing.

In Munich, we arrived at the tracks farthest from the S-Bahn connection we needed. We did see 2 steam engines at work though.



Hopped on the SBahn, and to the AirBnb. Pasta dinner, and everyone is in bed.

Fun adventure, and neat experiences were had!

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