We are now coming into a routine.  On the first day in a new city, we wander a bit.  Yesterday, we had a plan for the afternoon to find a park and play, but we wandered all day – starting at a local flea market in Karlsplatz – hitting the inside market enxt door, and then finding ourselves in the shopping area. Right around the corner was a HUGE toy store Franz – I figureed we’d go in and have a quick look.  Little did I know it was 4 stories…and we got stuck for over an hour.  So many cool toys, experiments etc.  A enjoyed the slide.  All 3 kids were in seperate areas looking at different things.

We had planned to go to a park with an overlook and a train that runs on weekends… But we ran out of time.. I found some free wi-fi and found a Gluten free restaurant – Reiscorn. It is right in downtown stuttgart, and is highly recommended.  They squeezed us in before a  reservation, and the food was delicious!

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