Catching up: Munich

We spent 5 nights in Munich – so four full days to explore the city.  We took one day to visit Neuschanstein castle.

So, what did we see?  The first day was our ramble – we saw the famous Glockenspiel do its show at 12 PM (the subway steps were RIGHT in front of the square – so easy to get to!

We went to the famous outdoor market where we discovered organic Gouda cheese with pesto inside it.  Yummy green cheese.  WE bought a half kilo – can came back for more later in the trip!

We also ran into the Deutsches Museum.  We wanted to go in – but were all just zonked from the day before – so we decided to come back the next day.  However the sun, trees, Isar River were in full beauty while we were there.

Day 2:  Deutsches Museum.

We first walked into the gift shop – HUGE MISTAKE.  Coolest. Gift. Shop. Evar.  Here is one page from their website.

Ok – so an hour later – we stopped for a snack before entering the museum.  OMG – the gift shop was a great intro.  What an amazing place.  The first gallery is the history of ships. With a half dozen full ships there in the room. R said the basement below had more modern ships – I never got there.

The next room was all airplanes – and helicopters – with hands on displays of how the flaps and wings work, and how the helicopter rotors move – with cross sections of actual helicopters, and hands on models to test with.

We walked through the crazy mad scientist electricity room – but did not have time to explore.

Upstairs – a cross section of an airbus plane – and the landing gear – and all sorts of cool historic planes..

This is a real V-2 rocket – like the ones used to bomb London. Sitting on a launch pad – waiting for some B-Movie to launch it.

Then we went to the kids play area.  In this section they had the coolest idea.  Massage chairs for Mom and Dad while the kids played.  Best 2 Euros. (well 4 – we took up 2 chairs)

Rooms on robotics, polymers, nanotech, mining – we saw briefly.  There was a model train show – that showed how complicated running a train system is (only one minor accident! when an ICE train plowed into a freight on a siding)

We only saw MAYBE half of this museum – a 2 day visit would have been ideal – but after one day – the kids did not want to go back.


R and Katherine split off to go see Dachau.  It was not a great experience, as the audio guide did not match where they were – probably need a guided tour for that one.

I went with the girls to explore the English Garden, and wander through the streets.  We had hot chocolates, and had a great time playing on a playground.

We met up for Gluten Free pizza near the philharmonic hall – look the Cleveland Orchestra will be in town!  The pizza was not anything to brag about here.

Munich was a great town – we had an awesome AirBnB 15 minutes by train from downtown – so quiet and suburban, but we still got a good flavor of the downtown area, and it felt manageable.

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