2 months in! Slowing down

It is really hard to believe that we have been on the road for 2 months already.

Equally hard to believe that I have not blogged about”

the pumpkin festival in Stuttgart; Heidelberg (cool castle and great city vibe) For a great meal – try Red. Lots of GF options there; Cologne (“its a lot more than just riots”) and our day trip to Dusseldorf.

As time moves ahead – these posts become less and less likely to occur. Today we wrap up 1 week in Amsterdam.  Canal trips, walking the city.  K and the kids had 2 (VERY much needed) home days.  They played monopoly, watched some Netflix, and had a chance to slow from the frenzy for a few days.

Our travel pace the 3 weeks before Amsterdam was too fast for a family.  3 days here 4 days there, one full day in another spot.  We really like to fall into a rhythm of a city, and we were being too frenetic – and not getting that opportunity.  We were racing from place to place, ‘thing to see’ to ‘thing to see’  and missing out a bit on the city itself.

We have slowed down here in Amsterdam.  We have walked our neighborhood (not just a race to the tram to get out to ‘see the city’), We did this in the first few cities, and I enjoy this.  Home days are hard for K and I – we have the “we are in such a cool place – let’s get out and SEE it” that we forget to charge our batteries.  The kids need that even more than we do.  We have adjusted, and from here on out – we are going to spend a week in each city, giving us time to take a ‘day off’ from exploring… To give ourselves reading days, or to just turn off for a bit.

Tomorrow, we pack up – but the move is an easy one.  We have another week here in Amsterdam – just a new AirBnb across town.  The family will get another week to be slow, and melt into the city – I am heading to Sweden for a conference.

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