This week , I am in Sweden at Oredev. I have 2 presentations at the conference. Oredev is a great place to speak. Airfare and hotel are covered by the conference. This year I missed the sauna and dip in the Baltic for speakers (yesterday) sine I stayed in Amsterdam an extra day.

At Velocity last week, I lost my Mac power adaptor. So, I took 2 kids on a 20 minute hike through Vondelpark to the Apple Store. I again have Power!

This AM I left Amsterdam. A beautiful fall morning in what they call “golden summer” – a much better term than we use in the USA for beautiful fall days.


I am tapping this out on my phone in Copenhagen. I landed here, and am awaiting a train over the bridge to Sweden. It feels like I have landed in Seattle. 8C (40F) gray and ALMOST misty.

Love the EU. I had a valid boarding pass, so I just walked through security. No one asked for my passport or any I’d.

Now aboard the train, going under the oresund. Halfway across the route becomes a ginormous bridge


Already missing K and the kids. Thank goodness for hangouts and chat apps.

I will be back in AMS Friday night- and we’ll have one more day before we head to Brussels.

So, this never posted. I’m now on my way back from the conference. Conferences are always both exhilarating and exhausting. I’ve missed my family, and cannot wait to see them in the morning

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