I’ve never been to Paris.  But I did see the Eiffel Tower at Mini-Europe this week.


I write this in our last days in Brussels.  We have been here for a week now, and have played it really low key.  We are in an incredible place, and have been recharging our batteries.  Katherine (being 32 weeks pregnant) cannot walk for 6 hours a day like she could 2 months ago, so our outings are tending to be shorter and more focused.  Our AirBnb is basically a home here, so it has been totally ok to just chill out, play board games, and rest.

On Monday, we were supposed to hop on a high speed train to Paris, for 2 weeks in the city of Brotherly Love.  We all know what happened on Friday night, and the terror and tragedy being faced by the people of France.  I am sure that paris is as safe as ever for tourists, and that if we had traveled to Paris, we would have had a great time – just under increased security, probably longer lines, and the like.

However, we have decided that while we *will* see Paris on this trip, that perhaps we should look for another location for the next few days before we land in London on 30 November.  We began looking at the other cities in the Benelux region, but none really fit the bill for a longer visit.

On Thursday, we had a nice talk with our host as we walked to the Natural History Museum (which is next door – I can see it out my window).  He was talking up the discount fares on Ryanair.  On a whim, we looked to see if:

  1. K could fly at 32 weeks (yes she can!)
  2. if there were any good flights.

It turned out that we could fly for dirt cheap Brussels-> Dublin on Tuesday (you know – one of those flights where your bags cost nearly the same amount as a seat)  So, we are staying here for one additional night – and then making our way to Dublin on Tuesday.  I am TOTALLY stoked to see Dublin, and experience Ireland for 12 days (even on our mobility limited scale).  We are 5 minutes form the water, near good bus and train service.  I contacted the Dublin Google Developer Group,and have scheduled a talk on the 24th! Our host in Brussels has okayed us to stay for one more night (they are an AWESOME family – and the house is just great!).

Rather than fly from Dublin to London, we are going to go a different route.  Ferry to Holyhead in Wales, and then an overnight in a hotel there.  The next afternoon, we will hop on a train to London.

– All of this change/scheduling happened in under 24 hours.  We are so blessed to have this sort of flexibility, connection and mobility in our lives.

I am a bit torn on not going to Paris. I want to stand up to the terrorists.  I want to show them that their tactics have no affect on me.  But, we have a family.  If it were just K and I, it would be different. but with the kids – and K being pregnant – that is where we are – so we had to divert our adventure to new adventures, and postpone our time in Paris.

..And when we DO get to Paris, I promise I will not climb the Sacre Coeur like King Kong.


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