Every now and then you see a link at the bottom of a new article”the 10 Happiest Places on Earth”  or some such.  I don’t usually click them, so I don’t know where they are.

But I would like to nominate Dublin.

Perhaps it is *my* gratitude that I know anyone I talk to will know English (after 2 months faking my way through German, Czech, Danish, Dutch, etc….) but everyone in Dublin has been lovely, friendly and happy to interact.

Everyone love to have a short conversation, whether it be the clerk at the Spar convenience store down the street, at the grocery store or on the bus.

The kindnesses shared:

When My youngest became sick on the bus, a wonderful older woman gave us her cloth handkerchief and said “keep it”  AS we hopped of the bus, I apologised profusely to the bus driver, who simply replied “no worries, we’ll take care of it”

Midwives talking on the phone with my wife for 20 minutes to give helpful and great advice.

Talking with wonderful people on the bus.  One wonderful woman told us about her trips to Japan and Australia, and when we exited the bus, she blew kisses to us.

Our AirBnb Host has been VERY understanding and wonderful that we are staying extra days., offering to help with the laundry while we stay for extra time (and not charging us for the extra days)

Nothing has ever been met with a “no” but always a “how can we figure this out?”  I love that outlook.  Katherine has shown me how that if you are going down the correct path, that the world will open up to help you (as long as you are not afraid to ask)  AS I become more open to asking, and talking with others, I am finding the world open up.

The weather may be windy and rainy, but the spirits here are strong!

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