Ahh, right. I do have a travel blog

Hey all. First post in 6 weeks. In my defense:
1. We are not traveling (we’ve been in London since early December)
2. We have a 6 (7? Maybe) week old baby. It is all wonderful. But, the sleep deprivation, and all our other activities has limited time for blog posts.

So, what have we been doing??

Lots. I’m going to put together a post of all the awesome stuff we have done in London with the kids. Hopefully it will be useful to others coming to London.

The reason? Have you ever searched ” what to do in with kids”

EVERY SINGLE POST. “Go to the zoo.” That is the unique thing travel sites recommend. Now, there are awesome zoos out there. Do you really learn about a city from the zoo? Do you immerse yourself in the culture of the country? Not really. Lots of great ‘we must save our precious resource of earth’ I am all for that.. Once. Or twice.  There is more than zoos.

OK. Enough rant.

Know all is well. The kids are so deeply in love with their new brother. Mom and Dad are working on figuring out a sleep pattern (and once we nail it- it’ll change)

We just had another visit with friends, which is always nice. And we’ve had a few short play dates with the family next door.

We had 2 epic tour days this week. Today we are reading books, knitting, and cuddling in the house.

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