Epic Drive

Today we left Amboise, France, and drove to Sarlat.  Its 4 hours of driving, but with stops for food and nursing – was closer to 6.   It was so cool to see the change in terrain.  It was 350+ KM..  The first 100 and last 50 were on country roads (some barely 2 lanes).… Read More Epic Drive


Dinan begins and ends with a taxi ride. We arrived at the train station, and ordered a taxi. After a few minutes, a really nice taxi driver arrived.  He used Google Maps to navigate, but clearly did not have the hand of it yet, as I could hear the French Google voice tell him he… Read More Dinan


We’ve spent the last 2 and a half days in Rouen – northwest of Paris – about 1 -1.5 hours by train.  It is wonderful medieval town – best known as where Joan of Arc was executed in the 1400s.   In fact, these first 3 photos are taken in the square where she was… Read More Rouen