Mont St. Michel and Travel to Dinan

Wednesday was a transition day – leaving Pontorson and Mont St Michel, and taking the train to Dinan.  The train ride was 2 hours.  25 minutes to Dol de Bretagne and then an hour layover for a 30 minute train to Dinan. It also left at 4 PM, so we basically had a bonus day.

I woke to the market setting up outside our window (windows open due to a smoker living next door – which was the most unpleasant part of the stay).. but the smell of meats being roasted at 6 AM was nice.  We skipped the early part of the market to take the early bus back to the Mont.


The sheep were racing through the fields alongside the bus.  There was frost on the grass, but the sun was quickly melting it.


The sun was shining in full force, and we were again the first tourists at the island.However, we may be the first tourists to come to Mont St Michel, and not enter the walls.  I had packed up eggs and toast, and we had a picnic there at the edge of the bridge.


Our plan was to roll up our pants, and go out into the bay.  Seeing how as there had been a frost that night.. The mud was REALLY cold to start the day


R (9) had no interest in getting his shoes off, but did manage a nice slip – coating his pants and jacket in the fine sand/clay/mud.  Mom lasted about 45s in the mud – it was pretty cold near the shore.

G and A and I went out and played for a bit.  Then most of the kids began throwing rocks off the bridge at targets in the mud.  While in the mud, I made them some bullseyes with my tracks.

I went exploring.  Past the cold gooey mud – there were drier sections – and I was abe to get further around the island.  On my return, I had an idea.  The family thought it was a HUGE target, but then caught on quickly.

After a few hours at the beach, we returned to Pontorson.  The natives were getting hungry.  But, we caught it too late – all the restaurants close at 2 PM.  We grabbed a quick snack, and looked at the train. The train was 2 hours – 30 min to Dol de Bretagne – a 1 hour layover – and then 30 minutes to Dinan.

Google Maps showed a grocery store called La Vie en Claire in Dol.  It has the organic gluten free food that we love.  So, we planned that we’d move our suitcases to the correct track, and I would race to the store (11 minute walk).  We arrived, moved the bags, and I was off.  Pretty town form what I could see.  However, the store was vacant – it had closed.

I asked a local man – and he said it had been closed a year.  But then he said “Are you looking for organic food? – There is another” and gave me directions.  I was so relieved – since we were starving, and most grocery stores would be closed in Dinan once we got to our apartment.

I was off.  Found the store.. got provisions, and back to the train.  We had chips and salsa on the train to Dinan.  On the smallest train ever.





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