Epic Drive

Today we left Amboise, France, and drove to Sarlat.  Its 4 hours of driving, but with stops for food and nursing – was closer to 6.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.43.06 PM.png

It was so cool to see the change in terrain.  It was 350+ KM..  The first 100 and last 50 were on country roads (some barely 2 lanes). The first 95 were in farm roads in the flat slow hills of the Loire valley with crops and livestock growing.  Every 15 minutes, we rolled into a small town – slowing to 30 KM/h.  All had churches and stores.. Some had big chateaus.  Some were hotels, or still houses.. others were in complete disrepair – with ivy growing to the walls and the roof falling in.  It was strange though. Since all stores close from 12-2PM, the towns were deserted.  No one on the streets at all.

After 200KM on the highway – we were in the mountains – the freeway had turnouts for trucks who lose their brakes.  Now the last 50 KM are on switchbacks up and down the mountains – through similarly small towns – just built on the sides of big hills.

The drive was great fun – for the first 2 hours.. Then everyone got tired.  It was a slog for the last bit.

We are now in Sarlat – and looking forward to exploring around here!


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