After the snafu at the Avignon train station, we did manage to arrive in Nice safe and sound.  We grabbed the tram to the apartment and got in safe and sound.

After a few hard weeks of traveling, we decided to tae a few down days.  So we woke up the next morning, and made our way to the beach.


Pity us. The beach is made of round galetes – basically river rocks.  They didnt hurt to walk on, but it was hard to walk on them.  The sound of the waves sounded like the Pacific NWest ocean with the rattle of rocks on each receding wave.

The weather – as you can see – was nothing like the Pacific NWest.  Sunny – warm.. not even the strongest sunscreen could protect this fair skinned family.  We all came off the beach (after 2 days) with various burned places.  But it was so much fun.


Our apartment was near the port, so we walked around the hill (with afortress on it) to the beaches.  This is the WWi WWII memorial carved into the rock.  its probably 6 stories high.



Look at this water color!20160418_121444

On our last day – we did wander the old town, visit a playground of wooden sea creatures ( climbing whale – octopus swings.. very inventive!) and found a great place for lunch.  Nice also seems to have an organic grocery store on every corner.  Google Maps is hit or miss on this in France, but it knew of 2.  We found 2 or 3 other chains we have visited in other French cities just in our ramble.  For healthy/gluten free eating – the grocery stores in Nice were great!

Lunch on the last day:


ON Thursday, we packed up our place, and took the train 20 minutes to nearby Monaco our 12th country of the trip (i had to write them all out to be sure my math was right)


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