Uzes and the Pont du Gard

On our last full day in Avignon, we went on a day trip.


Catching the early bus form the station, we rode up to the city of Uzes, to see their Saturday market..  Every square, every pedestrian street  was full of vendors – fresh veggies, handmade goods.. Anything and everything.  We spent 2-3 hours wandering the streets looking at all of the great things.. and the beautiful architecture.  In the photo below – there is an entire arch of open air under the 2nd floor – a great place to have a cool lunch20160416_125106


But, we had to eat on the run – our bus left at 1 PM to get to the POnt du Gard.

on the way to the bus, I found the doorbell to refuge.  I was tempted to try to get in.. for just a small nap.


The Pont du Gard was a water aqueduct – built by the Romans to get water in to Nimes.  Built in the first century AD, it worked for 500 years.  And in the 1800s the French tried to re-use it – but it did not work then.  My photos do not do this work justice.


After crossing the Pont – there is a small beach. We hung out here for a couple of hours – skipping rocks, sitting in the grass, enjoying nature.


We also climbed to the lookout on the other side.  The bridge is not completely straight. there is a slight curve to the structure.  Incredible engineering feat!



On the bridge – looking up at the 2nd set of arches.  so tall…20160416_171700

The river that the aqueduct crosses.  There was a kid triathalon occurring – mountain bikes, kayaks and running.  Fun to watch them compete.


After a great long day – we raced to the bus stop = only to realise that we were racing to catch the M-F bus – and it was Saturday. We had an extra hour – so we went back, and rested in the lounge area of teh snack bar.. Caught our bus, and landed home exhausted.  The next day – we rose up early – and took the train to Nice… Not the train we wanted though.

Our family requires 2 cabs.  Cab 1 dropped off on the north side of the station. cab 2 on the south.. By the time we found each other – we had to book a later train.  only 2 hours late – we arrived in Nice!


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