Cinque Terre: Vernazza to Monterosso

We woke up to another gorgeous day in the 5T.  Best of all, it was Katherine’s birthday.  After a hearty breakfast at the Blue Marlin, we packed up and headed to Monterosso.  Today was lighter packs – because there were no rooms in Monterosso, so we were returning back to Vernazza for the night. We also had reservations at the restaurant overlooking the water from the top of a castle wall.

The hike felt so much easier.  While narrow, and with more people – we conquered the 2 KM quickly.  The kids ran ahead, and they made sure to say ‘hello’ to every person they passed.  We had so many people smile and complement us for our friendly (and energetic) kiddos.


Feral cat rescue on the trail.  Lightened my load of coins.




Stairs sticking out of the wall:IMG_20160428_114521186

Back at Vernazza:IMG_20160428_114719329_HDR


Forward to MoterossoIMG_20160428_115359195_HDRIMG_20160428_122531463

The decent into Monterosso is about 500 billion steps. Coming from Vernazza, we had climbed up a lot, but it did not hurt the way the people coming the opposite way felt. 🙂

Monterosso has a nice fine pebble beach.  What better way to celebrate hiking the 5T than a delicious lunch of pressed octopus, and then taking a nap with your loves on the beach? (pressed octopus is REALLY yummy.)


The wind had died down a lot, still some surf, but the restaurant  on the pier was open, and no one was getting wet.

After playing (and napping), we hopped a train back to Vernazza (1.5 hour hike – or 3 minute train).  We cleaned up, and had a delicious dinner outside at sunset overlooking the water.  After the sunset, we walked back to the apartment and took a well earned rest.



We have hiked the entire Cinque Terre!  It requires some conditioning, but all of our walking day after day made it go really easily – even for small kids.

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