Epic Travel Day – Parade Edition: Corsica to Siena

On Sunday, We had a epic travel day.  Starting at 8 AM – we would not arrive home in Siena until after 6 PM.  A ferry – 2 train trips, and connections between the ferry and the train + getting home – were all on the agenda for the day.

We started in Bastia, France on Corsica.  Our ferry was nice and early in the morning.  As we walked through the central square, the town was preparing for Victory day (the end of WWII) – we watched a tank get unloaded and driven onto the square.


A quick walk to the ferry – and we got to watch the start of trucks loading in.  Here is a 18 wheeler backing into the ferry.  So glad this is not me. 🙂


we got onto the ferry and waved goodbye to Corsica.IMG_20160508_085858792


The ferry ride was super smooth this time. Not windy, so i walked on deck with sleeping baby K for much of the day.


We were to dock at 1:15, and we had to catch a train at the station at 2:15.  The ferry was 15 minutes late, and there were LOTS of folks disembarking. So we only got off the ferry at 13:45.  No taxis at the ferry.  So they called one.. It arrived a few minutes later.  We got to the train station at 2:02.  Plenty of time to get to track 4 and capture our seats on the train.

90 minutes in Grosseto, and then train to Siena.  The train sat in the station for 30 minutes – so we were 30 minutes late to Siena.  No biggie – we had plenty of snacks..  but we were getting tired.

Go buy bus tickets – and hop on a bus.  Following our progress on Google Maps – the bus made an unexpected turn, and drove down the mountain.  HMM – wrong side of the town from our AirBnb.


So I turn on my phone to find a new map – and the cell is out of data.  The lady at the Tre.it desk signed us up – not for 3GB for a month – but some wonky plan that charges you 50 Euro cents every time you connect to the internet.  So – whenever Google pushed me an e-mail – 50 cents.  I was out of data.  Still working on fixing that one…. 😦

Double crud.

So we made our way to a restaurant – and had them call us a cab.  Cab arrives.. and we are again on our merry way to home – dinner and a warm bed.

We turn a corner.. Cabbie says “oh no!”  We walked upon a parade.

See – Siena has 17 neighborhoods.  And they all follow a certain flag.  We are staying in the “goose” neighborhood.  Our cab driver is a porcupine.  there is a Goose parade afoot:  So our cabbie stops the meter, and we pile out and watch the parade.


Flag waving, a band, marchers singing their anthem.  Kids carrying lillies.  It was quite a  sight.  Of course – our route followed the parade, so after the last men – carrying a large goose statue on a platform – our taxi followed for a few blocks.


Look – we’re in a parade!!



It just goes to show – the weird bus mishap – the Cell data outage – it was all meant to be – we had a great cab ride home – bringing up the rear of a Siena parade!

We celebrated Mother’s Day on Monday – and had an incredible lunch in the courtyard of an adorable restaurant – all but one menu item was gluten free.  and the desserts.  We ordered 3 to share – all were incredible!  One featured white chocolate in the shape of Lego bricks.. and milk chocolate Lego men.  It was good.. but not as good as the raspberry/strawberry cream and the Tiramisu (served in a chocolate sphere that was melted with a hot coffee cream sauce.

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