Our epic travel day was May 8. In the USA May 8 was Mother’s Day.  We decided that we would celebrate Mother’s Day on Monday.  So, on Monday, we got up and for lunch – we went to a resturant that was known for its gluten free menu.  We were the only folks there – and they made every dish for us – so could remove all gluten ingredients.

Everything was incredible.  We sat outside in this courtyard in the sun.



Since it WAS Mother’s Day – we went for dessert.  We ordered 3 – and this was the cutest – and delicious… but it was #3 in our favorite list.  Yes – white chocolate blocks, and milk chocolate Lego people.



El Campo is the center square.  They host a horse race around this square 2x in the summer.  While we were there – it was just a great place to chill out and people watch.


We climbed the tower for epic views.  REALLY tight stairs – you had to check your backpacks – but I had a baby on my belly 🙂   It made for some tight squeezes as we passed folks. This photo is from halfway up.IMG_20160510_135601566_HDR

Still a ways to go!IMG_20160510_135648222

From the top.  I wonder where the Crayola color Sienna comes from?20160510_141826

We went back in the evening a few times.  Beautifully lit.  The kids bought little slighshot LED lights that fluttered back to the ground.  With those and squirt guns we had a couple fun evenings 🙂


We also took a guided tour – and went into the Duomo:



he floors are covered in mosaics. This one is very pretty – there are others.. The most famous is of Herrod killing all the innocents..  A bit graphic.  So we’ll stick to trees and castles.IMG_20160511_114132680


The ceiling of the “library.”  I did a quick run through.  But you could probably spend months studying everything in here:IMG_20160511_114634594IMG_20160511_114638956_TOP


this was the view from our patio:


With the apartment being just one big room – I worked out on the porch every night, so that I would not keep everyone awake. The church was brilliantly lit until after midnight.. It was a magical place to work.

It was a great 4 days.  Nice and relaxed, but still getting to know the town.  We had a great market nearby – with the nicest lady selling organic veggies.

From Siena, we took a train to Florence, and then a high speed train to Milan.


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