Como and the Lakes region

After we left Milan, we arrived in Como.  Como is a town on Lake Como – a giant mountain lake that has is shaped like a  star with 3 points.  Como is one of the largest towns in the area, but it totally walkable in a day.

Our first day, we wandered to get our bearings.  we Found the lake, saw a funicular up the mountain, and figured out the boat cruise that we wanted to take the next day.  We had some down time that afternoon… There was a small playground right outside our apartment, so the kids just ran back and forth from home to the playground.

The boats pull in right into town..and sometimes block the sidewalk. Who double parked their yacht?



I had a late phone call, and I took it walking by the lake at sunset:



On day 2, we hopped on a ferry to Bellagio.  The ferries service most every town on the lake, so it was a 2 hour trip on the boat. We had a great time – we met 2 families from Melbourne, Australia, we took photos of the small towns we pulled into, and we watched the water pull past the mountains.



We had a fabulous senza glutine meal in Bellagio – time to wander the streets and window shop, and then hopped the ferry back to Como  A full day!


On our last full day in Como, the forcast called for heavy rain.  So, we did what any family from the Pacific Northwest would do.  We took an 8 mile hike through the mountains!

It started by walking through Como to the funicular:


7 minutes later – we were at the top of the hill, looking down at Como, and out towards the mountains.IMG_20160519_130411549_HDR


The hike was great – all flat. with a long downhill at the end.  We wound our way across the top of the mountain… And then the rain started – luckily the canopy kept us pretty dry.  We mostly got wet when jumping around the many waterfalls that crossed the trail.  There were also some really neat chapels high on the trail.  We lit candles, and enjoyed the view in a dry spot.



Cool dry stacked stone house on the trail:IMG_20160519_151415123IMG_20160519_150918341

At the end of the trail, we began descending on a mule track with huge steps.  AS we were getting closer to the bottom, we passed an old building with a sign  “the house at 333 steps”.  Quite an address, and it foretold how many more stairs we had still yet to descend.




We reached the town of Torno, and got directions to the ferry dock. We arrived 10 minutes before the ferry – had a snack, and then hopped back to Como for a hamburger dinner (with gluten free buns!)


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