A weekend in Bern

We had a nice quiet stay in Bern.  Bern is the home of the Swiss federal government (although the country has no ‘official’ capitol).  The old town is centered in a bend of the Aare River, essentially creating a fast moving moat that protected the city.  The city is also high above the river.


When we arrived, I made a foray to a local store for food.  There was a small local market across the bridge:


The famous bridges and churches of old town (to the right) with the Alps in the background.  What a beautiful sight!

On the first full day, we wandered out of our AirBnb (in the HEART of old town) to find a market underway.. We looked through the stalls, and got some fresh produce.


This is around the corner from our apartment.. The clock tower has trams going one way – the other trams go through the street.


After the market, we climbed the Berner Munster (the main church in town) and soaked in the view.

Looking upstream on the Aare:


Looking towards the Alps.  I can see now Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau – who we will become well acquainted with in my next post.



On the way down, I found a carved Chimpanzee holding a mirror.  I later saw flags with a similar motif.  I searched the web, and found that the flag of the stonemasons in Switzerland is a monkey holding a mirror. So, of course this could be carved high up on the side of the church steeple 🙂



After the tower,  we found the nearby park.  We camped out in thr grass, and discovered that the small tower had a book, toy rental.  Drop off your drivers license, and take out books, ring toss games and other toys while you are in the park.  They also rented ping pong balls and paddles for the tables.  Our afternoon was thus booked 🙂


I ran to the market for snacks, and there was a guy ringing his bike bell constantly.. I walked over – and it was a groom pulling his bride down the street!  So cute.


The next day, we walked along the river to the botannical garden,and then we found this cool park.  Some person is a welder, and built all these cool climbers for kids.  There was a rollercoaster too (but it wasn’t open)




There were tons of bikes and dirt to play in. Our afternoon was booked.

Our last full day in Bern was wet.  WE made our way to visit the Einstein house. This is where the young patent clerk wrote 3 papers in 1905, the 3 paper that would really start his career in physics.  It was a small museum, but it was cool to be in his old house.

Underneath the museum was a great cafe. The kids had hot cocoa, and mom and dad had a glass of wine (great combo!)

Bern was  a lot of fun, but we were REALLY excited to head INTO the mountains to spend some time in the great outdoors.  Next Stop: Grindelwald!


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