Alpine trains: Como to Bern

So, first a bit of background.


I grew up the child of an avid model railroader.  We never had a completed train set – always a few under construction.  However, every month, my Dad got a new issue of Model Railroader in the mail.  This magazine was always filled with wonderous photos of model train layouts form all over the world. Many of these layouts featured Switzerland.  Now I know why.  Huge mountains, epic tunnels, huge lakes.

In the layouts, there were always bridges right after a tunnel – and the bridges and tunnels always seemed askew – some bridges appearing to go up, others down, and all sorts of wacky angles (nature is rarely at 90 degrees 🙂 ).  I figured this was just a scaling issue (how do I fit all my routes into the spare bedroom?)  No. This is really what the terrain and infrastructure inSwitzerland looks like.  No wonder so many people visit, and then recreate their visit in their garage or basement.

Last week, we took the train from Como, Italy through the Alps to Bern. I took these shots with my phone on a speeding train. This beauty really requires a slower look.  Next time!



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