Innsbruck: a return to the mountains!

From Zurich, we took a quick little train trip into Austria.  We visited Austria earlier in the trip (Vienna and Salzburg), but our tip missed the Alpine regions.  WE knew we wanted to go from Switzerland to Venice, and since I hoped not to backtrack to Milan, this seemed like a cool route to take.

It also adds another country to our 5 month old’s list.  Yes, 7 countries so far for the little guy. Its become a habit when he wakes up to say ” hey, good morning, we are still in Austria” because this changes so much 🙂

Katherine has fallen in love with the mountains, so we were glad that we had a few more days to play!

On our first full day, we had a quiet time. Grocery shopping, and wandering the historic old town.  We were literally right in the heart of the old town – we can see the entrance to our building in a lot of the Innsbruck tourism photos.


  • Here we are on the bridge (Brüke) over the river Inn.  And now you know how the town was named.


Our street:IMG_20160602_165612653_HDRIMG_20160602_164806562IMG_20160602_164725407_HDRIMG_20160602_164635681_HDR

Our host recommended a number of great hikes.  We took the train to Seefeld and then the funicular to the gondola up to the top of the mountain.  We were going to hike across to the other gondola to come back down.  But when we got to the top, a storm was rolling in. Also – there was a lot more snow than we expected, and we did not have proper hiking gear for this amount of snow – at the top of a mountain with pretty big dropoffs.


So we walked a bit in the snow, we saw pretty views (until the storm rolled in and covered it all from us).

We took the cable car down, and decided to walked the rest of the way.  AFter a stop at the mining playground (like who COULDN’t stop at the mining playground?!?) we began our walk.  It was pouring rain, but we had raingear and we had a great time walking along the trail (which we had mostly to ourselves) back to the train station.



On our last day, we decided to go up Nordkettle (the nearest peaks to downtown Innsbruck)  A 5 minute walk to the train/funicular, and then a cable car up to Seegrube.  We did not go all the way to the top (we had done that the day before – and it looked pretty fogged in). We ran into our AirBnb host on the cable car.  He went up to the top,and did a hike along the peaks (he had proper gear).


At the top of the cable car, we ran into s goat family.  They ate lunch on one side of the wall, while we ate ours on the other.


The wind picked up, and clouds were coming in.  We decided to hike down the the train.  It was a steep descent, but we knew it would be pretty.


we went past several Alms – huts on the mountains that are like hs=ostels. Restaurants, bunkhouses, all in one.  Many Mountain bikers had stopped for dinner an a beer.  We had snacks, but we did stop to refill our water bottles.


It ended up being a 5 mile hike – with a drop of 0.6 miles.  We are all sore today, but really had a great time out on the mountain. We will be back to play in the snow and to hike in the summer!

Today we took the train to Venice. We are here for a week.

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