Zurich: A quiet few days +bonus recipe

After days of hiking in the Alps, we sadly had to leave.  We had a 3 day, 4 night stint in Zurich planned.

Our AirBnb was in a little town on Lake Zurich called Horgen.  The train station is right at the Lakefront.  So we walked along the lake to get to our house.


It was adorable – in the basement of an English school.  We arrived in early afternoon, and there was a fair going on. There was an Oompa band under a tent, and lots of crafts.  Katherine and I had a good tie browsing (and then we hit the grocery store).

On our first full day, we took it easy. It was raining, so we took the train/tram to an indoor swimming pool.  The baby got his first swim in, and he loved it.  There were heated “health” pools, and a waterslide.  We had a blast.

On day 2, we hit the Technorama – the Science Center.  They claim over 500 hands on experiments.. and I believe it.  we got through, IDK, maybe 2/3 of the exhibits?  So much physics to explain to 3 hungry children.  I hope they absorbed some of what I was abel to tell them..

This is the 55 gallon drum air cannon.  You hit the membrane on this side, and it “shoots” air at the scarf hanging in the distance.  We have a smaller version at home.IMG_20160530_153437314.jpg

On our last day – we played tourist, and went downtown. we took a boat ride through the city (if you have a day pass for the bus – it is free! – side note – get a Swiss 1/2 travel pass, and if you have kids – get the kids travel voucher – trains are REALLY expensive in Switzerland)


When on the boat trip, we realized that our train ticket also worked as a ferry pass. So rather than take the 20 minute train home, we hopped on the 45 minute ferry to Horgen.



The family was hankering for a new meal on this leg of the trip, so I whipped up a new veggie burger – that EVERYONE loved.  So, I present to you, a recipe for HorgenBurgers:


Horgen Burgers


2 cups cooked Beluga lentils

¼ cup Chia seeds

½ cup pasta sauce



1/4c cashews

¼ cup sunflower seeds

2 cups Rucola (or Arugula for US – Rocket for the Brits)


add to the lentils and Chia seed mixture.

Add a big dollop cashew butter


Salt to taste


it should be sticky.


Pan fry on light heat with coconut oil.


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