Rovinj, Croatia: A Jewel on the Adriatic

IMG_20160618_125148210IMG_20160613_140125541_HDRIMG_20160615_203528069-EFFECTSLast Sunday, we boarded a ferry in Venice and made our way across the Adriatic Sea to Croatia.  Our destination: Rovinj.  The ferry pulled in just before sunset.  As we were arriving near the harbour, our boat was passed by 2 dolphins rolicking and jumping in the water.

The old city of Rovinj was once an island (filled in during the 18th century to become a peninsula).  Thus, all the streets are narrow, and there are no cars.  Rovinj is on the Istrian Peninsula – famous for Olive Oil, grapes and its marble and limestone.  IN fact – the streets of old town seem to be polished marble – VERY slippery after a rain.

We have been traveling pretty hardcore lately – 4 nights per city for about 2 months.  I was hoping a week in Rovinj would help us relax and recuperate.  Sadly G has had a fever for the entire visit.  She’s been a trooper,and come along on many  of our days, but it has been hard for her.

Granted, we spent 3 days at beaches, a couple days wandering teh markets and city streets – so they have been pretty light days.

The Adriatic Sea is beautiful and cool.  There was an inflatable course out in the water – with climbing walls, trampolines, and other fun obstacles.  We spent a few hours there one afternoon.

Right next to the city, they built beautiful swimming terraces on the rocks.  We spent the afternoon there today.  Water so clear.  Fish and crabs everywhere. Snorkeling gear might have been fun here.



Speaking of fish.. K and I have been enjoying the local shellfish.  I had a giant scallop, and mussels and clams (and octopus salad!)



These are 13×9 pans.  so much shellfish!!! yum!

Near one of our swimming beaches, I found a quarry.  A quarry that was started in the time of Rome.  And through the Venetian period.  So rock form this area is all over Italy – holding up many unknown buildings.  You cannot tell, but the flat area in front of the wall face could hold a football pitch (or 2), and there was another huge flat area at the shore.


We took boat cruises, bought kilos of fresh cherries at the farmers market.  Sat on beaches (little K LOVES the water, and the waves!)

Yesterday R and I took a day trip to Pula – down the road a ways. That will be another post.

Tomorrow – early bus to Plitvice  Lakes since it is a travel day for us, we celebrated Father’s Day on Saturday, culminating with seafood on the terrace on the water, seeing dolphins in the distance as we ate, then sitting g on the break wall to watch the sun set.



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