10 months: reflection

We began our adventure 10 months ago. I cannot believe this. If you asked, I’d say 4..maybe 6. When we started the trip, we had a really good plan, and Croatia and the UK/Ireland were at the end. They seemed so far off, like we would never reach that part…there was SO MUCH to experience and explore before we would reach Croatia.

But, like an ambulance in your rear view mirror, the end of our trip is rapidly approaching, and is closer than it would appear. We are back in London, having finished our jaunt in Croatia (and the EU mainland!)

This leads to a bit of melancholy. I cannot believe that we are this far along! Also, amazement. I cannot believe we are this far along! Pride. I cannot believe we are 10 months along!

Today also marks little K’s 6 month birthday. This little (well, at 20 lbs, 9 kg or 1.5 stone, not so little) has been strapped to our belly through 8 countries, nearly 3 dozen apartments. Trains, buses, ferries, subways, airplanes, taxis, bicycles. Kiddo – you have seen more of the world in your first 6 months than I did in my first 40 years.

We are excited for the next 6 weeks in the UK and Ireland. Then 2 weeks in Maine.. and then back to Whidbey Island… where I expect we will have changed more than home has changed. I am curious to see our reaction to being stationary (relatively, of course) after a few weeks or months.




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