One Simple Tip to Improve your AirBnb Kitchen

One great way to travel the world is to stay in other people’s apartments.  Over the last 10 months, we have been using AirBnb exclusively or our travels through Europe.

AirBnbs are great because, as apartments, you have a kitchen -allowing you to eat in. You might have  2 burner hotplate, a gas stove that you light with a lighter -risking knuckle hair, or a stove that you dream to have at home:


Note: I only have photos of the great stove 🙂

Every kitchen is an adventure, and to me that is half of the fun of staying in an AirBnb.  You may have arrived with a kilo of potatoes, but no oven for roasting – so its mashed potatoes for dinner.  You may learn a new way to make coffee.  (Note: always investigate the coffee brewing situation BEFORE bed.. Its much harder to figure out a new method in the morning before you have coffee.)

I have to say, all of the kitchens have been fine for cooking.. Reasonably well equipped with pots pans, bowls and dishes.  But, there is ONE thing I think all AirBnb guests should have in their suitcase for their kitchen. You may need this item before you do anything else. In our stays, only 10-20% of hosts have given us this tool:



A new sponge.

It sounds ridiculous, right?  While 95% of our apartments have had a sponge sitting at the kitchen sink, it is not very often a NEW sponge.  Think about it – do you want to wash your dishes with this?


Disclaimer: this is our sponge -after a couple days hard labour.

I have no idea who has lived here in the past.or where this sponge has been.  Mopped the floor?  Maybe.  Cleaned a shoe? Who knows. It isn’t going to be used for our cups or pots.  Even if there is a dishwasher.

Sponges – cheap, light, compressible.  Easy to pack, and a godsend in the kitchen. And if you land at one of those few AirBnbs that put out a clean sponge? You’re ready for the next trip already!


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