Weeks behind

I am tapping out this entry in Cardiff, Wales.  Since we left London 2 weeks ago, we have traveled all over southwest England.

I plan to write posts on

Bristol – with side trips to Bath and Stonehenge.

Paignton – seaside beach town.. we took a day trip boat/steam train to Totnes and Dartmouth.

Truro, with a day trip to the Eden Project.

Newquay and its beautiful sunny sandy beaches.
But today we are in Wales.  The train from the Cornwall coast was an epic 3 train, 7 hour affair. The trains were comfortable, despite the last train not having ac, and the open windows added a lot of noise.
Yesterday, we walked all over. To the health food store with an awesome name.

We got a nice lunch, and hopped in a cab to the science museum on Cardiff Bay. Our kids love a good science museum, and we really enjoyed this one. It was very similar to the one in Zurich, but more manageable. We visited every display, and talked about a lot of science in 3-4 hours – just about perfect.

A pneumatic Welsh dragon:

Well thought out, and we had a great time. We also wandered the shopping area of Mermaid Quay, before heading home.

K is again sick :(, so I made 2 more walks into town for needed provisions. And then, spent 2 hours playing Pokemon Go- to profile the application for work.

A long day of walking. Today, we are resting, so G can stay well-known long days after pneumonia are hard.. and so mommy can get healthy too.  

I am sitting on a park bench, sleeping baby on my tummy, enjoying a quiet summer morning. I need to realize days like this when we return home… To bask in these small daily adventures, and not get stuck in the daily grind of ‘stuff’
This is easy to say with no lawn to mow, not pets to feed, walk, etc.  No classes to shuttle to.  But the dishes in the sink will get done.  The laundry will get done and put away… And ill start lunch in a bit.

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