We spent just one full day in Manchester (actually Rochdale).  We were VERY lucky though. Katherine’s cousin Kevin and his partner Steph invited us to stay with them. It was very kind of them to open their home to our family for 2 nights.

We had lovely meals at their house – both dinner and breakfast.  After breakfast, we hopped on a train to Manchester to check the town out.


I loved the tiled map of the railroad in the Manchester station.



IMG_20160725_114657below the map was sobering a list of all the men who worked for the railway who died in WWI.These are in every store, Every train station.. all over europe.


Over the tracks was a soaring glass enclosure.IMG_20160725_163048


Right outside the train station was the National Football Museum.  We ot to hold the FA Cup.  There was air hockey “football” and lots of neat exhibits – not all related to football (Raman spectroscopy?  Michael Jackson?)  but it was a fun museum – it had a funicular instead of an elevator.  IMG_20160725_115209


Here is the Picasso on display (it told you it was a bit eclectic)IMG_20160725_124243

After the musem, we wandered the main shopping area for a bit – stopped at the Gap for sale clothes (while it is a different country – the stores are very similar :D)

We returned o our cousins house, and we went out t dinner – I had the fish and chips at the local pub



The food was delicious. The company was great.  We returned home and gave our hosts a thank you gift.. they were kind to share with us.  I may have to start exploring whisky more…




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