Our last day in Europe: unexpected adventure

Yesterday was our last day in Europe. The morning was our now routine “pack up all our stuff, clean the apartment and hop in a taxi” morning. We’ve got that down pat now. 
Our flights were Dublin -> Oslo, Oslo -> Boston, with a 2 hour layover. When I woke up, Google told me that our 2nd flight was delayed by 5 hours.
I woke up K with the question “do you want the good news, or the bad news?  The good news was, of course, that now we had time to pop into Oslo city.

So after a quick pack/clean up morning, we hopped into a taxi – with an awesome cabbie rocking out singing and drumming the dash to Irish folk songs. We checked in, and hopped from Dublin to Oslo.

We took the fast train into town, and since we were all famished, we searched for gluten free restaurants. There were tons. Mr. India won because 1. We love Indian food, and 2. It was closest to the train station.

The food was delicious. Being Norway, I had my curry with reindeer meat (please don’t tell Santa).

We then wandered through the main shopping streets, through a flower market, and to a park with a fountain and tons of statues.  The twilight illuminated the buildings beautifully.

After an hour or so, we hopped back in the train, and waited for our plane. The plane left over 8 hours late (for a 7 hour trip), and we arrived in Boston at our Airbnb at 3:30 AM. 

I am typing this from the Downeaster train from Boston to Maine. We left our apartment at 10AM, making Boston our shortest Airbnb by far!

Now for 2 quiet weeks in Maine!

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