We are safely ensconced in Maine, but I want to post on everything we did on our trip.

After we left our cousin’s house in Rochdale, we headed to York. We had a short layover in Leeds. It was chilly (for us), so I had to laugh as 2 young Scottish girls walked by commenting on how balmy it was. This was a prelude to the weather we’d soon be seeing.

We walked to our apartment, and dropped off our stuff (it wasn’t ready yet). So, we walked into town, had a nice lunch, and then headed to the National Rail Museum.

So many cool trains to see. I wasn’t super impressed with the bullet train, but the giant engine from China was cool. Lots of classic steam on display.

They had a Eurostar train inside on ring of the Chunnel. The scale was really impressive

This engine used to pull trains to the sea. The wheel coverings look like waves to me

Thomas fans will recognize Emily:

The train beside Emily was green, and named Henry (also a Thomas the Tank Engine character)

They had a display of ‘stuff on shelves’ which was cool, but also very different from what I’m accustomed to see in a museum.

On Day 2, we explored ancient York. The Shambles are old shopping g streets, full of neat little stores. I bought a cool knitting pattern (and yarn of course)

Also, Henry Winkler was there

There is a ‘cat tour’s leading you through York – looking for hidden cat statues. We did abou 1/3 of the trail.
Ancient walls, yummy meals. I got a new rain jacket!  
We were really sad to leave, we could have wandered the streets of York for another day or 2, just soaking in this neat old ancient city.  But our itinerary was planned, so we will just have to return again for more time.  On to Newcastle!

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