Belfast, but really Ballygally

WE left Edinburgh and made our way to Northern Ireland.  On the way form Glasgow to the ferry, we could see the Isle of Arran – where my family is from:


We hopped on the ferry,IMG_20160805_145541

and waved goodbye to Scotland and the Isle of Britain. Anothe rmilestone in a trip that was ending faster than we could imagine.IMG_20160805_155940


We arrived at our AirBnb in Belfast, and we were a bit shocked It was a new listing, (so no reviews), but it looked really nice in the photos.  However, there was new carpet installed – probably that day judging by the remnants and shards of cut carpet everywhere.  The master bed kept falling apart, and a few other issues.  Our host offered us a full refund, but we needed a new place in Belfast…


And there was nothing available.  But, a really great guy named John responded – his house in Ballygally (north of Larne) was available.  It was an hour outside of Belfast, but since we had only one thing planned in the city – this was fine.. So the next AM , we packed up and moved out to Ballygally.


WE were in the country!  It was exactly the down days we needed.  We were surrounded by farmland (in a renovated cow barn) – overlooking the Irish Sea


15 minutes walk brought us to ‘downtown’ Ballygally (there’s a Spar grocery store) and the beachIMG_20160806_145056IMG_20160807_102419


Sunset with sheep:IMG_20160806_204406

Our home for 2 days.IMG_20160807_124655

We went into Belfast one day to visit the Titanic Museum (R has read every book he can about the Titanic)  It was neat to see the site where these huge ships were constructed.  Belfast is a neat town – very pedestrian friendly – and worth more time than we gave it for exploration.

We also had dinner at the local pub (with a huge GF menu)  It was pouring rain, but it was cozy inside, and we got a glimpse of a rainbow.



it was extremely relaxing to be in the country for a day or 2, and it rejuvenated our souls a bit.  After a year of traveling – mostly in cities, we saw that our home needs a bit more of a country feel for our family to feel centered.  I think we knew that already, but we all just completely relaxed in our time in Ballygally.  Next time, we will give ourselves more time – for an area of small towns – there were a lot of neat things to see and do in the area.


But our trip was rapidly coming to and end, so we amde our way to Cork (via Dublin)

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