Cork: Kissing the Blarney Stone

We had a sweet AirBnb in Cork – well really in Douglas (another great name), but  a cute house witha great yard.  and a 20 minute bus to Cork.  In Cork, we had a great organic market (there were a few we saw, but we kept returning to Quay!)


Great winding roads, cute shops… We made our way to this church with a gold fishon the top.  INside are the Shandan Bells – you can ring the carillon bells!



They had a songbook – you ring in a certain order, and it plays a song!IMG_20160810_154852


We hiked to the top of the tower to check out the viewIMG_20160810_154929

They gave you hear protection for this bit… 🙂



we enjoyed the viewIMG_20160810_155542-PANO

and headed back down.. of course you must bring your balloon up to the top of the tower… 🙂IMG_20160810_155900


On our 2nd day in Cork, we grabbed the bus to Blarney.  We had lunch at a great pub:IMG_20160811_130418


And then we walked to Blarney castle.  Surrounded by beautiful gardens that we explored on this cool summer day.  If you walk up and down these stairs with your eyes closed, your wishes will come true.IMG_20160811_160915


we arrived at the castle!IMG_20160811_164239

There was a line to the top, so plenty of time to get photosIMG_20160811_170136

And here – at the top of the castle – if you bend backwards – you can kiss the Blarney stone .  When you kiss the Blarney stone – you are given the gift of Blarney – eloquence and the ‘gift of gab’IMG_20160811_171423

It was a fun day – and we headed home exhausted – ready to play on the swings – with the nerf gun and the legos at our home AirBnb.  After 2 full days in Cork – we were heading back to Dublin – the last call of our trip 😦 !!

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