We’ve been back in the USA for 2 weeks now.  Recuperating at Katherine’s Mom’s house in Maine.  Or, as we have been calling it: home.


But today (Wednesday), we head to Boston and fly back to Seattle.  Home town for the last 13 years (even if it is a night in a hotel).  On Thursday, we will arrive on Whidbey and begin to unpack our home.

For the last year, we have have called 66 different homes ‘home.’  Some have been home for a day or two. Others, like in London – were home for 3 months.

I have been blessed to call this house in Maine “home” whenever I have been here – for the last 15 years.

Our home in Whidbey is our home for another 10 months. Then our landlord is going to put it on the market,  So, while we do have home for a while, I know it is going to change again.  We are planning to travel again, so I am looking forward to finding a new home hundreds of more times in my lifetime.

Each of our homes over the last year has been defined by one thing.  Us.  Our family has made small cramped hostel rooms “home”  We have made huge spacious houses “home”  we have made simple apartments “home”

Home is where there is love.  Home is where there is respect.  Home is where you can come home at the end of the day, have a simple dinner, and head off to bed.

While I am so excited to get back home, I hate leaving home. When you share love, respect and big meals in a place – that energy stays there. Share your love/homes. The world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people.

Welcome home, everyone.



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