On the road, again

This morning, we woke in a different bed. We visited a new grocery store. And my ‘travel board’ is in use in a different kitchen.

Yup. We’re on the road again.

This summer, we’ve been at K’s mother’s house in Maine. This weekend, we rented a car, and drove north to Belfast, to stay in a cute cottage. Belfast has a cute town center, and a great co-op (grocery stores are important when traveling)

We drove to Camden for 2 days of the Windjammer Festival. Friday was blustery and cold. So windy that some of the windjammer schooners could not come into the harbor to dock. We were bundled in winter hats and coats for the talent show and fireworks

The 2nd day was jot and gorgeous.

We played on the rocks, walked the town and explored the ships.

Then we drove to Portland. We’ll be here for a week. It was cold and wet today, so we did laundry, read books, and i have a pot of lentil coconut squash curry simmering.

Adventuring has begun again!

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