Where The Heck Are We?

This summer, we planned to begin another epic trip in Europe.  We started at my Mother In Law’s house in Maine for 2 months.  On 9-13, we were all to fly to Rome.


However, in early September, my work told me hat I was not allowed to travel and work at the same time anymore, and I had to stay in the USA.  So, on 9/13, my wife and 4 kids got on a plane without me for Rome, and I stayed in Maine.

We did a lot of video chatting, and in November, I met them for 4 days in Dublin.  In December, I flew to Amsterdam for the holidays.  We spent 5 weeks in Amsterdam (and surrounding cities).

On January 3, we flew to Budapest, Hungary.  We are here now.  I am going to use up all my 2018 vacation time with my family this month as we travel through Hungary and Romania.

I will post about our time in Amsterdam and Budapest shortly.

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