Passengers will please refrain…

I used to play the viola. And one of the songs that EVERY string player plays early on is Humoresque by Dvorak.

My Dad is a train nut. Anything, everything trains. So, here I was, a 12 year old boy, playing Humoresque…. And my Dad taught me the lyrics. About poop. Because every preteen boy loves songs about poop.

It goes something like:

“Passengers will please refrain from flushing toilets while the train is standing in the station if you please…”

You see, the toilets in old trains simply dumped their contents on the tracks… And doing that in the station could lead to unpleasantness.

Anyway, our train from Budapest to Szeged was a classic cold war electric train (no photos because we were running to get on)

In our WC, we saw this:

So, I’m humming Dvorak. We have no idea where the WC flushed, but we can guess.


2 thoughts on “Passengers will please refrain…

  1. Doug, it’s wonderful to follow your travels to small places with the family … pretty terrific for the kids and a good challenge for parents to manage all that! I wandered around by myself after working in Finland, staying in hostels w/little to spend but enough to eat for several weeks …catching a ship in Milano, then back home to Madison. Best to Katherine too. Ruth Huseboe Fiske (once in Cape Porp)


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