Don’t leave with My Dad!!

Last week, we took perhaps the slowest and hottest train in Romania from Timisoara to Alba lulia. For 5 hours we sweated in our compartment, as the train puttered from town to town, stopping for 15-25 minutes in several. Everyone got out for smoke breaks.

Finally, we convinced the conductor to unlock the window.

As we pulled into Alba lulia, we staged all our luggage. But half our car was getting off, so we got the stroller, and a few bags of luggage. I hopped back on for a few more bags, and hear the conductor’s whistle. I feel the train lurch. Oh no!, I think. (It wasn’t ‘no’, it was a different word.)

A friendly older woman hopped up from her compartment, and rolled the bags to me. I unloaded… But the passports are still in our compartment – in a backpack.

Katherine jumped on to the door, and they stopped the train. I grabbed the bag, and escaped.

The conductor blew his whistle again, and the train was gone.

I guess Alba lulia only gets a 2 minute stop.

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