We had a short stay in Belgrad, but we came to really enjoy the people and the city. Our first few days, the weather was still very cold, and the family was sick, so we didn’t explore a lot. We did see the new Orthodox Church- still under construction.

This dome was just completed last year. As you can see, the rest of the interior is unfinished concrete… But our taxi driver Alex told us to find the crypt.

The crypt is walled in marble, and the ceilings are masterfully painted and Ace lots of gold leaf. My phone battery died, so I only got a couple of photos.

The next day, K and the kids flew to Scotland. I had 2 more days, so I visited the Belgrad Fortress. Built first by Romans in 279 BC (some walls remain), it guards a strategic point on the Danube, and has been held by Romans, Huns, Turks, Serbs, Germans, Austrians…and I may be missing a few. There is a legend that Attila the Hun was buried here.

Overlooking the Sava and Danube Rivers.

These interior ruins we’re built by a Despot. Despot Stephen to be exact. You see, despot meant the son of an emperor in Turkish culture. I suppose some despots we’re incredibly harsh and tyrannical leaders…hence the meaning change.

In the back of the photo is a water building donated to Belgrad by the sultan Pascha. It was recently refurbished.

The walls of the fortress are in varied condition, and there are warnings in places that they are unsafe to climb. There are works being done, so I imagine this will be less of a problem in the future.

The rectangle section shows where a Roman section of wall still stands (through 2000 years, and many fierce battles – this is incredible)

The battlements were added in the 1920s during a repair.

After wandering for an hour or so, I walked home through the main commercial walking district.

March 6. And the Christmas decorations were still up.

I really enjoyed Belgrad, and I hope to come back when we are all healthy, and the weather is a bit warmer.

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